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Deadmau5 Trolls DJ Mag Top 100 Poll, Which Likely Gets Him Votes

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Deadmau5 helmet head

Deadmau5 (photo by Danny Mahoney)

Deadmau5 trolling lists like the DJ Mag Top 100 poll is nothing new, but his most recent outburst might actually work to get him more votes than expected.

Every year DJ Mag opens up their poll with the goal of charting the 100 best dance music artists in the industry. What usually ensues is a barrage of campaigns launched by artists in order to try and get their fans to vote for them, which includes posts to social media, email blasts, and anything else they can think of. As a result, the DJ Mag Top 100 is not what it used to be and many in the industry say it has lost it's authenticity. Nevertheless, the poll accumulates thousands of votes and delivers a list of the most popular artists, regardless of talent or passion.

Having been a fixture among the top votes many times, Deadmau5 is no stranger to this highly debated list. As we are in the middle of the voting period, he took the time to do some campaigning of his own, albeit in his classic, sarcastic trolling fashion. We would expect nothing less.

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Whether he was mocking the other artists who campaign to get on the DJ Mag Top 100 or was making fun of the actual list itself, Deadmau5 seemed to have indirectly campaigned for people to vote for him. Just bringing attention to it is, in a way, telling people to check it out and possibly vote. Sure, the list may not be what it used to, but to be named among the top artists in the world is still an honor. Look for the list results to be posted in the coming months.

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