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Deadmau5's Car Collection Reimagined by NVIDIA as PC Mods

Watch as Deadmau5 works with NVDIA to design four new PC mods based on his car collection
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NVIDIA, the world leader in visual computing, has teamed up with Deadmau5 to create the Ultimate mau5 Spec Stream Lab. The partnership kicks off today with episode 1 in a 3-part video series that showcases a one-of-a-kind collaboration with NVIDIA crafting four stunning PC mods each themed after a different supercar from Deadmau5’s own collection. 

NVIDIA is known to push the boundaries of technology to build products that not only supercharge computers but also inspire PC gaming communities. This collaboration is a natural fit as Deadmau5 is a hardcore gamer who loves art and technology, and has composed music tracks for popular games including Dota 2 and GTA IV

Check out episode 1 as NVIDIA Creative Director – Jules Mann carefully selects the most visually striking and iconic aspects of each vehicle to be adapted and infused into each unique PC mod.

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