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One of our favorite music festivals each year is without a doubt Electric Forest. There's just something about the atmosphere that truly brings out the best from the artists who grace the stages during the four day festival. This year, we came across a hidden gem nestled deep in Sherwood Forest at the Silent Disco (by HUSHconcerts), as rising talent Dgro took us on a sonic journey to remember. 

Dgro, hailing from Brooklyn, is a DJ known for delivering hypnotic beats that captivate the listener with each passing moment. Although still very much on the rise, within the local community he is definitely a favorite and his Chromed event series, co-run with Skyler Gross of Housing Corp and Jefferson 909, always showcases top notch talent. If you're unfamiliar with his sound, enjoy this new mix and be sure to look out for much more from him in the near future.

"There's something truly special about playing in the middle of the Forest surrounded by the most amazing crowd dancing amongst the lit-up trees. The experience was magical! I hope you enjoy listening to the recording of my nighttime set at Electric Forest as much as I did DJing."

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