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DJ Fresh Announces Retirement from Touring, Hates "fake, soul destroying" Industry

It's time for him to move on from electronic music and the industry

DJ Fresh has announced he will no longer be touring following his remaining scheduled gigs.

The producer broke the news via a Facebook post in which he said, "it's time to begin the next chapter of my life... And it's way overdue. Need to think about my health and life."

As one of dance music's biggest trendsetters early on, DJ Fresh produced some of the most influential tracks over the course of his career, spanning nearly three decades and selling 2.8 million records. Although he played a crucial role in bringing electronic music into the spotlight, he says he "cannot continue to be part of this industry."

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"I hate everything about it," DJ Fresh explained. "It's fake, soul destroying and promotes everything BUT experimentation and heartfelt emotion (which is what music means to me)."

Earlier this year DJ Fresh announced that he was suffering from thyroid disease, saying how he didn't tell anyone initially because he's "been told it's a bad idea to air anything that makes you look unstable in any way". He went on to remark how, "The music industry is brutal and relentless and unforgiving."

Just last week he declared that he had successful radiation treatment, "happy to say I got an all clear after my cancer treatment." He continued to say he was "ready to go again," but now he's announced that 2016 will be his last year touring.

You can read his full post below:

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