Escape to Hello Beach at Gratitude Migration: Summer Dream

A beach festival with a focus on community, sustainability, and growth
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What if I told you, you could spend the weekend on a beautiful beach surrounded by friendly faces, listening to amazing music? And you don't have to buy a $1K+ plane ticket to the other side of the world? It's all true! 

It's actually not as well known as one might think, but the east coast has a fantastic burner haven in Keansburg, NJ. Just a short half hour to an hour drive from NYC.

I am excited to introduce Gratitude Migration: Summer Dream! Their slogan: "Unleash your wildest dreams and let the sea bring them to life."

A beach festival in New Jersey with burner-like theme camps with various day activities followed by a beautiful musical line up comprised of a combination of known and local DJ/producers. It's an all age festival with a camp designated for mini migrators and the festival lives by the burner "Leave No Trace" policy to ensure a sustainable and eco-friendly event.


You can purchase a three-day festival pass plus camping for an individual or join up with 5+ or 10+ friends to get the group discount (which is significant). The catch? They ask that as a group you contribute with an event or something to give back to the festival community! Um.... Frisbee game followed by fresh pineapples, am I right?! There are a few themed camps already established if you want to get on board with them. They have various activities and goodies planned out for their members and visitors.


The festival has wellness programs, yoga and other activities offered when the music is going on. You can spend the day doing sun salutations on the beach followed by a hula hoop class, and then wander over to one of the lecturers. All before the sun sets!


The performers line up is just as long as the music lineup. With fire spinners, dancers, and sculptors, you can easily wander the event all day and come across some intriguing things to witness while making new friends. With such an emphasis on community, sustainability and growth through education, the festival really provides a global effort in creating an event that goes beyond the traditional music festival experience. Everything really comes together when we see the lineup of artists. With Davi, The Scumfrog, Oona Dahl, Deep Jesus, Lovecraft, Lee Reynolds and a hundred more... We are in for an incredible spiritual journey. Just don't forget to pack sunscreen!

If you are looking for an escape this weekend, don't hesitate. Grab your 10 best buds and get your tickets here.


Learn more about the event via their homepage, Facebook & Soundcloud

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