Led by Soul Clap and Wolf + Lamb, Crew Love brought their collective to an amazing "beach" venue in NYC for an afternoon and evening filled with infectious grooves.

UREI Rotary 2.jpg

The bill featured two sets from Soul Clap, with an afternoon set, that consisted of a sun-kissed motif, while the evening set featured more powerful and funky rhythms as the duo went back 2 back with their compadres Wolf + Lamb. Prior to the evening set, there was an array of talented acts on the bill including up and coming artist David Marston, who brought the perfect vibe that welcomed everyone to the sandy dance floor.

Wolf Lamb vs Soul Clap

Wolf Lamb vs Soul Clap

We soon experienced one of the most unique sets of the evening from Nick Monaco, who would bring out David Marston to perform their material as Island Life. Crew Love regulars No Regular Play would then bring the heat as the sun set and the crowd continued to whirl. 

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We were then graced by a very special guest, Dimitri From Paris, one of the kings of disco edits, who graced the booth equipped with a UREI rotary mixer (so sexy for all those gear heads out there). His set was outstanding, and brought in some legendary funk. We caught Eli 'Bamboozle' from Soul Clap in the center of the crowd dancing his ass off with the rest of us... who couldn't resist? 

Midnight Magic Horn Section w/ Aquiles Navarro (Center)

Midnight Magic Horn Section w/ Aquiles Navarro (Center)

Following Dimitri, the night was far from over as the 8-piece cosmic disco ensemble known as Midnight Magic took the stage. They threw down the hardest funk and the response was wild. The bass set the foundation with a heavy grooves, while an array synthesizers took the crowd to a distant planet. Lets not forget the three piece horn section that was pulling out the sexiest riffs and harmonies. A special treat was when Panama-strong trumpet player, Aquiles Navarro, who played during Nick Monaco and David Marston's Island Life set, was brought out to solo with the section. 

Eli 7 [Purple Colortone].jpg

The leaders of Crew Love all have been in the DJ game for a while and have unquestionable experience orchestrating a dancefloor. If I could, I would write down every track these guys play because they drop the fire non-stop. Besides giving out third degree burns on the dance floor, the two groups have ties to some of NYC's most authentic venues. Whether at the Marcy North, a creative space and hotel known to secretly throw a soirée or two, or the Black Flamingo, a restaurant/bar/club with an intimate basement setting, complete with a Klipsch La Scala sound system built into plywood walls, Crew Love's dedication to dance music culture is evident in the passion they relentlessly put forth.

It's safe to say that Crew Love left us with a heavy case of Post Dramatic Funk Syndrome (PDFS), so if you need more grooves you should catch them on the rest of their Love Train tour. I was fortunate enough to bring along my Nikon film camera to document this dance party at La Marina, so be sure to check out the photographs of the event below.

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