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G-Eazy Joins Britney Spears on New Single, 'Miss Me'

Hip hop and pop collide in a big way on Britney's new single

G-Eazy is slowly becoming the next big hip hop star. He's selling out every show, being regularly featured on radio and is making rounds at festivals this summer. He's almost a household name at this point and this recent move might have just propelled him into the limelight. 

"Miss Me…" is the newest single from Britney Spears and it features the Bay Area rapper. The song itself is a slower track that hits a similar motif that can be found on Flume’s new record. It’s nothing necessarily groundbreaking, however it does give G-Eazy that extra exposure he needs to become a worldwide sensation. That being said, it's also a way for Britney to feel relevant again by riding the wave of someone who is hot right now.

Listen to the new song below. 

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