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Getter Drops Soundpack With Splice While Cymatics Accuses Him of Stealing Music

Cymatics strikes back while Getter moves on

Recently Getter called out the sound design company Cymatics for ripping off at least three of his tracks and selling the project files. There was speculation that this could all be part of a publicity stunt, but now the argument has increased with more accusations being made.

Yesterday, Getter announced that he would be partnering with Splice Sounds to release an exclusive sample pack. This sample pack may possibly be in response to the situation with Cymatics, although Splice says they have been excited for this release for quite some time. 


After the announcement of the Splice 'Samples N Stuff' pack, one of the founders of Cymatics posted a video accusing Getter of stealing music from another producer. 

The video compares Getter's track 'Stay A While', which was released one year ago, with Parkinson White's song 'Honey Hip Flask' released two years ago for free download. 

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Getter has responded to the video stating that he and Parkinson are friends and that Parkinson actually gave Getter advice on the song before the release. 


Other respected producers are chiming in on their personal pages as they do not wish to bring Cymatics more press, but as one artist has said, "now you guys have crossed the line." This feud is getting a bit out of hand in an industry that is in desperate need of originality. There's no more room for copycat producers or company's stealing from other artists.  

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