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Getter is Pissed at Cymatics for Copying His Project Files, Threatens to Sue

Serious beef or publicity stunt?

If you are a music producer then you probably know and are starting to love Cymatics.

The company has grown to become an industry leader in the sample pack and preset industry, serving as a go-to-stop for burgeoning producers looking to find their sound. They quickly gained momentum thanks to a consistent stream of sample and preset packs that help young producers create music similar to their favorite artists, with artist specific packs that highlight acts like Jauz, Jack U, Snails, NGHTMRE and more. 

Recently they started to release entire project files with the hopes of helping producers understand how to create an entire track similar to those already made by their favorite artists. Among the packs they have released is a Getter style project, which directly copies one of Getter's productions. The issue is that Getter has been getting accused of stealing Cymatic's track, when the track clearly belongs to the dubstep and trap artist himself. 

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Getter took to twitter to voice his anger about the issue.

Drew of Cymatics has stated many times that he believes any publicity to be good publicity, therefore this may be a publicity stunt between the company and Getter. 

Either way, we don't know enough to say whether this strife is real or not, but it is definitely intriguing. 

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