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By way of Fort Benaventura, Utah, and from Big Sur native Ghostea comes our next guest mix. Fresh from illuminating the Utahn forest in May with this ripe mix of refined house and bouncing baselines, Ghostea presents us with his Lunar Transit set.

Ghostea certainly lives off the beaten path and this only strengthens his conviction and commitment to producing house music that is a cut above the rest. So, stand up, stretch out, and get ready to groove. Ghostea requires and deserves your undivided attention for the next hour and twelve minutes.

Ghostea, real name Nathaniel Stevens, ain't no spring chicken in this dance music game. Counting releases on Dirtybird, Main Course, Nervous Records, and Perfect Driver, Ghostea knows what he is doing. He might forego living in your California metropolises, but he bounces all over the golden state working your dance floors with his unique, eccentric stylings. 

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Ghostea at Lunar Transit

Ghostea at Lunar Transit

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