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Krakota, the man - not Krakatoa, the volcano - is drum and bass producer, Sebastian Inwood. 

His new 14 tracker, Strange System, was live launched in Bournemouth last Friday eve and- despite being his debut album- the event completely sold out. A little birdy present mentioned that if you enjoy the performance styling's of Andy C or Friction (and let’s face it, those aren’t bad dudes to be lumped in with) then you may well enjoy a set by the Hospital Records signee. Curiosity tweaked! Who was this non-volcano, crowd pleasing maverick? 

Magnetic vowed to get themselves more informed (and talk about thrusting - because we're 12 years old) and so did a little digging ahead of Krakota's album going live to the masses...

Sebby boy

Sebby boy

Google keeps asking me if I'm looking for 'Krakatoa' - I don't know what that is. But then, I also don't know what Krakota stands for…fill us in on the origins!

Hopefully Google will stop doing that soon! It’s a volcanic island, it doesn’t have anything to do with my name. I made the name up when I was 16 because it sounded different and it kinda stuck.

Strange System is your upcoming debut - tell us about the good stuff that went into it e.g. emotional breakdowns, pizza binges, miraculous breakthroughs?

Haha, I’m not sure I would file an emotional breakdown under ‘good stuff’ but what did go into it was a lot of 12 hour days, late nights and early mornings. Writing this album was a big learning curve, it’s difficult emotionally and physically when time is ticking away and there’s an ever growing list of projects waiting to be completed. Sometimes it feels impossible but all you can do is plough through it the best you can and approach it with a positive attitude!

You will likely cover this off one million times, but what is the Strange System you speak of?

It refers to the strange systems that I (and others) have when making music. It’s an odd and testing process that can start with literally any single element of a track, sound or an idea that grows into a piece of music.

Of the 14, which is your favourite child?

‘Powder Coated’ with London Elektricity, it has that classic Hospital sound that I love. It was nice that collectively we were able to take it from a sketch of mine that wasn’t going anywhere, to one of (I think) the best tracks on the album.

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Must be a relief to finally finish it! What will you do to celebrate when it drops on Friday?

I’ll be at Standon Calling in Hertfordshire – we’re doing a Hospitality stage there. I’ll probably have a massive gin & tonic and play some of the album.

You're at MADE, Let It Roll and Outlook this year – bit of a span there - what kind of setting are you most excited to be in?

I’m very excited for all of them! I expect the gigs to be quite different in terms of atmosphere and that’s the challenge of DJ’ing. I’m sure the Outlook boat parties will be one to remember.

Do you ever find yourself playing DnB back home in Bournemouth? Is there a scene there?

Maybe once or twice a year, we have some long standing promoters such as Enter & Drumfunk, which do monthly events that are great - like most towns in the UK we’re struggling for good clubs due to the increasing rent prices and sound restrictions. It’s really sad becuase if you go back 10 years we had some amazing clubs and most of them have now been forced to close their doors.

Rewinding a bit, but 'Lust Thrust' - what a tune! What are your thoughts on the move that accompanies the track? Did you encourage that one or did it take you by surprise?

No! I just named it that for a bit of fun and people started doing some thrusting - that's cool with me.

Your song names are always interesting actually. Do you pick them at random or are they based on elements within the track?

Both really, I have an ongoing notepad of track titles that come into my head, sometimes I’ll write a tune based on the title - other times I’ll pick it after.

I think I first became aware of your music during a Hospital podcast - do you listen to it yourself? What are you listening to at the moment? Music or otherwise…

Yes I still tune in from time to time, I listen to loads of music – A few albums I’ve loved this year:

RY X - Dawn
Kaytranada - 99.9%
Khruangbin- The Universe Smiles Upon You
Anderson Paak - Malibu
Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

Finally, if any, what would you say your role is in the Hospital family e.g. are you the one being affectionately pantsed or the guy cling wrapping Tony Colman’s office chair to the ceiling?

No idea – I think Ricky Gervais once said ‘If you don't know who the David Brent is in your social circle, it's you.’ I hope that doesn’t apply here…...

Get involved and purchase 'Strange System' on Friday 29th of July.

Krakota plays the Hospitality stage at MADE Birmingham this Saturday for tickets and more information visit:

Follow Krakota on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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