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Hot Since 82 Launches New Album Series Allowing Artists to Fully Explore The Scope of Their Sound

"A lot can be done in 8 tracks!"

Hot Since 82 has just announced a new album series through his label Knee Deep In Sound that looks to deliver a platform for producers to showcase the full scope of their artistry.

The new series, titled 8-Track, won't look to address the industry's fall out with full length albums and won't try to replace the fundamentals of why emerging artists deserve more than just a 12” EP and a remix to propel their sound. The 8-Track series will instead focus on a new way of how we come to know an artist, by allowing them to "take the listener on an all encompassing journey in to their musical mind."

Hot Since 82 describes the vision behind the new series: “In a world of club singles and EPs, many artists don’t have the platform to fully explore their sound. 8-track gives the opportunity for artists I love and believe in to exhibit their production skills, create a mini masterpiece and take the listener on an all encompassing journey in to their musical mind. A lot can be done in 8 tracks! Cristoph is an artist I truly believe in, he’s been quietly working away, making absolute monsters in the studio over the past couple years and it felt only right for him to launch this new concept.”

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The first release in the 8-Track series will come from the talented producer known as Christoph, an artist who relentlessly blurs the lines between house music and techno. 

Listen to the first track off the forthcoming release, 'Perplexity, and grab the free download by registering for priority access.

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