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Ibiza Government Says the Island Can't Handle Current Rise in Tourism, Reveals Serious Concerns

Environmental concerns, including the supply of clean water, are the main issues facing Ibiza
Ibiza (photo via:]

Ibiza (photo via:]

Due to the rising threat of terrorism around the globe, travelers are turning away from locations like Turkey, Tunisia, and Egypt, which used to be popular destinations, in favor of Ibiza and other Balearic islands.

Although Ibiza has long been a favorite destination for tourists looking to soak up the sun-kissed sandy beaches and revel in the party atmosphere, the Island is currently finding it difficult to cope with the sudden surge in popularity.

This year Ibiza is expected to reach record numbers in terms of tourists that travel to the island, which has caused environmental concerns, mainly regarding the supply of clean water.

Pulse Radio contacted the head of Ibiza's Department of Tourism, Vincente Torres, to get his thoughts on the matter.

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Torres described how Ibiza is having a difficult time handling the increase in tourism, saying: “We have a limited capacity being an island. Not only regarding capacity of people, but also regarding capacity of potable water, other important infrastructures such as roads, treatment and desalination plants, etc. Also, we have to mention matters such as the noise or pollution.

“Nowadays we have nearly 100,000 legal touristic beds and a registered population of 13,000 inhabitants, approximately. The island is just 572 km²; we cannot support much more increase in tourism.”

Even with the government implementing a Sustainable Tourism Tax, which went into effect on July 1st, the government is still having a difficult time keeping up with the influx in people staying on the island.

Addressing the growing issue of water waste, Torres said: “In some areas we have already started renewing water pipes, since we know that a 40 percent (approximately) of water is wasted due to the bad conditions of the pipes. There is also a prohibition of getting water out of wells is specific periods during the year. This is a very important work that we are trying to manage in the best and most effective way.”

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