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In Conversation: Shmitty of Minimal Sessions

Creating a name for yourself in a global clubbing destination is no easy task, yet LA's Shmitty has found a way to cut through the noise
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Los Angeles is experiencing what many believe to be a Techno revolution. Top artists from around the globe are frequently stopping by, and even moving here, due to the rising demand and perfect weather. However, unlike mainstream EDM, Techno isn't surface level music. It's roots are firmly cemented in the underground from which it was born. Promoters all across the city are throwing parties every night of the week, constantly pushing the scene forward. 

Enter Matthew Smit, a marketing manager, for promotion giant Insomniac, by day, and producer/DJ/label head/visionary by night. After finding success with his party Minimal Sessions, Shmitty and his partner decided to take the next step, and have recently launched their record label of the same name. 

In this episode of In Conversation, we take a look at what it takes to run a successful party in a place such as LA, starting a label, and finding time to be an artist and DJ in between...

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