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James Murphy Sound Installation 'Subway Symphony' to be Featured in Underground Park in NYC

A new project from the mind of James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem
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An underground park is currently being built in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where James Murphy, of LCD Soundsystem, will introduce the city to his sound installation called Subway Symphony.

The project, which was originally designed for the New York subway system but was rejected, features musical turnstiles that play sound when someone passes through them. Now with Heineken's support, Subway Symphony will be placed in the $70 million Lowline project, which is being called "the world's first underground park."

The Lowline will be a three block development located below Delancey St., near the Williamsburg Bridge. At this point the park is scheduled to open in 2020, but there is an above-ground feature called the Lowline Lab that is currently open.

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Watch the video below to learn more.

[via: RA]

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