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Krewella Finally Open Up About Breakup with Rain Man

The group finally talks about why they had to split from Rain Man
Krewella with Rain Man (left) (photo by Mitch Doner)

Krewella with Rain Man (left) (photo by Mitch Doner)

Krewella took the EDM world by storm with their infusion of Dubstep and Pop, instantly shooting them into super-stardom. In 2014 they shocked the electronic music world again when they announced the split from their long time friend and producer Rain Man.

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In an exclusive interview with Thump, Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf publicly speak in-depth about the lawsuit for the first time ever. 

You can read the full article on Thump here. 

Below are a few excerpts:

Kris' lawsuit claimed that you guys went against what you had agreed to in that oath, regarding the band's financials. Was part of the oath that you would split your income evenly between the three of you?

Yasmine: We never had a contract or any sort of agreement about money. I was still in high school—I was not focused on my future at all.

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Jahan: After [Kris and I] broke up, we were forced to work with each other, live in the same loft, tour with each other—so we had to make it work. We went from being in love to best friends. When you feel like someone is your brother, you don't think that you're going to screw each other over. My money is Yasmine's money and vice versa.

How would you describe the series of events leading to Kris having to go to rehab in 2013?

Yasmine: In August 2013, Kris had gotten over-intoxicated and was hospitalized at a show in Phoenix. His sister, mom, and [our manager] Jake flew to Phoenix to bring him back to LA, and at that point they made the decision that his problem had become very serious, and that he needed help. Unfortunately, the timing of that coincided with Krewella's first really big headlining tour, the "Get Wet" tour in September 2013. We had to figure out a way to explain why Kris wasn't on the road for the first half of that tour, and we just said he was sick.

Jahan: Despite whatever you've seen online [about how] we tried to squeeze him out of Krewella, it was actually very traumatizing for us to go on tour without him. We felt that it was very important to have the male member of the group there, who fans thought was the producer. I remember not wanting the fans to think that it was just about the two of us.

The interview goes into further details, and into details on other struggles the duo has faced and how they overcame adversity, leading to what's coming next for Krewella. 

What's coming out after Ammunition?

Yasmine: We have a follow-up song coming out. I hate to say it's a "Fuck you" song, but it kind of is. We just wrote in the stream of consciousness [style], and produced it out with our buddy Chaz.

Jahan: Michelle, there will always be another project. Yasmine and I will never stop working. The work ethic Kris set up for us is still in our bones—I feel like it's in our musical DNA.

Check out the full interview on Thump. 

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