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Back To Black: The Lights/Out Selection Returns With Guest Blazer

After complete silence, we head back into darkness as the Lights/Out Selection returns with an exclusive interview and mix from Breaks producer Blazer.
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Magnetic Magazine has always stood for top quality, and we pride ourselves in bringing our readers the freshest music around. When I joined the team, it was my mission to expand on this by showcasing the most cutting edge music the underground has to offer with my radio show, the Lights/Out Selection. After a hiatus, we are back better, bolder, and darker than ever. I had always planned on introducing new artists through exclusive interviews and guest mixes, and today I proudly present to you our very first guest: Blazer.

A Spanish producer and DJ, Blazer has been on the forefront of the Breaks scene for quite some time, and I couldn't be more excited to have him on the show. To top it all off, I sat down with him for an exclusive interview, allowing you all to get inside the mind of this absolutely brilliant producer. Read the interview and listen to the mix below. I promise, you've never heard anything like this. 

First off, who are you, and how are you? What have you been up to?

Hello, I’m Alberto Olivares Olgoso, aka Blazer, and I’m from Spain. All good as it’s summer here, so the weather is great. Which means between studio time, I’m hanging out on the beach or surfing. Music-wise I am working on my next single for my own label, Neom Recordings, my debut single for the new VII label, and just a little bit of production on some new movie trailers.

When and how did you get into electronic music?

It was back in the mid 90s, with bands like The Prodigy that I found really cool. I thought Nu-Skool Breaks was really inspiring, and around the same time I started getting into Techno as well. I was a teenager, so I wasn’t even old enough to get into clubs, but somehow I always found a way to sneak in!

Everyone has that one moment that changes their life, that defining moment where they decided "this is what I am meant to do", what was yours?

I was studying electricity and electronics and doing some computer courses, which I was getting on with pretty well, but I did not want to devote all my time to that. So I decided to move to Barcelona to study sound technician / engineering – basically fine tuning my skills with sound, production, and synthesis. I was fascinated by the sound, and wanted to learn more and more about this incredible audio science and the technology that was creating these sounds.

How'd you get the name Blazer anyway?

Blazer was my tag, my personalized signature as a grafiti artist. I remember we each had our alias, but when I first came up with that name I never thought that it would go on to be my DJ / producer name. I just chose it because it sounded cool and it stuck.

How long have you been producing? Djing?

Been djing since 1998 when I started with Breaks and Techno in raves that we were doing here in Mucia. Then, I began producing the for the first time after I saw the ReBirth RB-338 by Propellerhead in 1999/2000. I was totally impressed with the 303, 808 & 909 sounds, so got hooked pretty quick after that.

For our readers who don't know anything about you, how would YOU describe your music? As in, what would you say separates your music from that of your peers?

My music draws influence from many styles, especially Techno, Breaks, Psy, Drum & Bass, etc. There are people who have similar music, but I've never copied anyone. I just try to make music of my own style, even if sometimes it is difficult for me to translate I really want.

You recently joined a new management company, John Askew's Stadium Artists, how has that been? I'd imagine there are huge things in the works?

Yes that's right. It's been one year since I started working with them. They are a great team and people who share my views, so it’s a great fit and we have many cool things coming up in the future.

Are you involved with things other than electronic music? If so, what else do you have going on, and how long have you been pursuing them?

Not currently, but I have previously worked for some companies as a sound technician, setting up sound systems, and also with domotics, or home automation systems. Now I’m more focused on making music for some pretty big Hollywood movie trailers and games.

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Let's talk routine. What does a tropical day of work look like for you?

I usually wake up rather late, have a nice big breakfast ,then start with a few hours of emails, social media etc. After that I head into the studio and work on sound design, experimenting with synths/outboard gear, stop for lunch, and carry on in the studio through the afternoon until late night.

Walk us through your studio rig. DAW? Plug-ins? Monitors? Do you use any external hardware?

I have been working with Ableton Live for 5 years now, because it’s so fast to write ideas on, but I mostly use Logic. And before that Reason and Cubase – so I’m pretty flexible, and able to work on most platforms. For monitoring, I now use DynAudio, and the classic Yamaha NS10s. I love UAD Audio plugins, and they are my probably my favorite. For hardware, I use the Moog Minitaur, Moog Sub-37, Access Virus TI, and a bunch of outboard fx like Eventide H9, Line 6 Bass pod, Boss digital delay pedals etc.

Speaking of plug-ins, what are some of your current favorites?

I use many plugins, as I love to experiment with them for processing dynamics and fx´s. I most frequently use UAD , Waves, Softube, Fabfilter, Lexicon, Altiverb etc. For synths I use Serum, Massive, Reaktor, Zebra and loads of others.

Your studio is on fire and you can only grab one thing. What is it and why?

The computer with the raid system. I can live without hardware synths, but not the computer, because it is also one of the most expensive parts of my studio, and my entire sound library is on there.

It's your day off, and you're avoiding anything work related like the plague. What kinds of things are you going to do?

Be out skating, going to the beach, running, surfing, sailing or hanging out with friends. I live by the sea, so I’m a beach man.

What are your favorite records, electronic and non-electronic?

I can't answer that, as I listen to a lot music, and a lot of different styles, so it would be impossible to pick favorites.

Throughout your career, what have been some of the top highlights thus far?

To have played my music out of my country on tours in places like Australia, Argentina, the UK or Italy . The music I make for Hollywood movie trailers is also something I’m really proud of, which you can check out that list of movies here:

If you could work with any artist from any genre or era, who would it be and why?

Hans Zimmer, and Junkie XL for cinematic music , Astrix for that crystal clear sound, and Noisia for that Neuro-funk DNB.

Tell us about this guest mix you've done for us. What are our listeners going to experience? Any exclusives?

Yes there are exclusive tracks, like Gemini, a new track I did for my label Neom Recordings. The mix is a fusion of my Breaks, with Techno, Psy and some Progressive Trance.

And finally, what does the future hold for you?

A lot more touring and a lot more music. Watch this space #TheViiCrew

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