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Lil Wayne has had his fair share of seizures lately, but his most recent battle with epilepsy resulted in the rapper being hospitalized in Las Vegas over the weekend.

The incident occurred just before Lil Wayne was about to go on stage to perform at a pre-UFC 200 party when he suffered from a serious seizure, according to TMZ. The hospitalization resulted in a cancelled gig at TAO nightclub, but he was released from the ICU and is currently at home in Miami.

Last night Lil Wayne sent out a tweet to his fans, saying that he is “all good," calling the seizure a “false alarm”.

Although Lil Wayne seems to be downplaying how serious his epilepsy is, this is actually his third seizure in less than 30 days. Just last month he suffered a pair of seizures aboard his plane, which was forced to make an emergency landing as a result. TMZ has a source who is saying that Wayne is blaming his recent seizures on a medication issue and believes his doctors are “having trouble figuring out the right balance of” medicine.

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