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Major Lazer's "Cold Water" ft. Justin Bieber and MØ Refines Diplo's Radio Hit Formula

The combination of artists on this single will all but ensure its success
Diplo Justin Bieber

Diplo Justin Bieber

Love him or hate him, you can't deny that Diplo knows what it means to "play the game." The wildly prolific hip-hop and bass music tastemaker has played a role in countless tracks that will come to define an era in pop music - and "Cold Water" featuring Justin Bieber and MØ will surely be remembered as one of 2016's biggest summer anthems.

The song itself is pleasant enough, but not groundbreaking by any means. Bieber's infectious verses ring out over a smattering of acoustic guitar chords and simplistic synth melodies until MØ takes the reins at the bridge. The lyrics to "Cold Water" are its clear strong suit, but even then, they're obviously geared towards entry-level music fans.

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Because Diplo released the single through his Major Lazer side project, he fitted it with a slowly galloping drum pattern intended to anchor it to the outfit's Jamaican dancehall origins. It's a tenuous homage at best, though, and longtime Major Lazer fans aren't likely to celebrate the track.

Other factors will be responsible for its success. Last year, Diplo collaborated with Justin Bieber and MØ separately - on Jack Ü's "Where Are Ü Now," and Major Lazer and DJ Snake's "Lean On," respectively. The former song has since went certified platinum, and the latter remains Spotify's most-streamed track of all time. By cross-pollinating the fan bases of both artists along with his own and capitalizing on the nostalgia of each aforementioned release, Diplo has hedged "Cold Water" in such a way that it doesn't need to be a musical masterpiece.

Meanwhile, Major Lazer's follow-up to last year's Peace Is The Mission titled Music Is The Weapon is due out "later in the summer." Diplo has revealed that The Weeknd will be among the artists featured on the studio-length album, but If anything on its track list stands a chance of becoming as ubiquitous a fixture of the mainstream music market as "Cold Water" surely will, however, there had better be many more musicians of his stature joining him.

While no official release date for Major Lazer's Music Is The Weapon has been revealed, Diplo will likely share it with the masses alongside early song premieres from the effort in the coming weeks.

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