Man in Florida Changes Name to Kraftwerk, Shares A Day in the Life - Magnetic Magazine
"Kraftwerk got his driver's license, pumped petrol, had lunch, went record shopping and more"

In one of the more bizarre and intriguing stories to surface involving a super-fan, a man in Florida has actually changed his name to Kraftwerk.

Via a Flickr page, Kraftwerk reveals a day in his life. Wearing the same iconic red shirt and black tie combination often worn by the original German techno pioneers, he goes out into the world to get his driver's license, eat breakfast, shop for vinyl, pump some gas and hang out with dunks. Just the normal stuff you might expect a man named Kraftwerk to do. 

We still know very little about the actual man behind the name, but from what we can gather, he's a normal guy who enjoys Kraftwerk, well maybe he's not so "normal".

View the photos below to see what he's been up to.


[all photos via Flickr]

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