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Just two days before Glastonbury was due to open, tragedy struck when a man died in a fire on the festival grounds. Now, following an investigation into the man's death, we have learned more about the incident that occurred.

According to NME, Ashton Launcherley, 27, was a circus performer and juggler who was found doused in petrol and set on fire. He later died at a hospital, suffering from inhalation injury and organ failure, with 95% of his body covered in burns.

Coroner Tony Williams said: "On the afternoon of 20 June Mr Launcherley was discovered ablaze. He was doused in petrol and he was ablaze. Mr Launcherley was airlifted from the scene to Southmead hospital in Bristol and then to the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham where he died the next day."

The coroner went on to say that he did not believe there were any suspicious circumstances surrounding Launcherley's death. It was previously reporter, although unconfirmed, that the cause of death was due to a fire following a gas spillage from an ambulance helicopter that landed in the Green Fields area.

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JustGiving fund page has been set up in order to provide support to Launcherley's family following his death. His aunt praised the festival's response following the situation: “The sensitivity of the people on the festival field has been amazing. Before the helicopter arrived, he was attended by first aiders who loved him and hugged him and talked to him.”

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