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Moog is without a doubt one of the most well-known brands when it comes to manufacturing synthesizers. Throughout the company's existence it has been recognized as a leader in the pro audio equipment industry, and now they are revisiting one of their most iconic synthesizers, the Minimoog Model D, which will resume production this year.

The Minimoog Model D is the go-to synthesizer for artists who design the sound of the future. Bernie Worrell of Parliament Funkadelic used the Minimoog to establish the band's futuristic funk sound, which set the foundation for more to follow suite. Kraftwerk also used the Minimoog extensively on the pioneering concept album Autobahn, which sparked an entirely new genre. The classic sound of the Minimoog Model D can be heard on Bob Marley’s Catch A Fire, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Dr. Dre’s The Chronic and many more.

"Each Minimoog Model D is lovingly handcrafted at our employee-owned factory in Asheville, NC. This legendary 3-oscillator monophonic instrument is securely housed in a hand-finished aluminum chassis and locally-sourced Appalachian hard-wood enclosure. To realize the unmistakable sound of the world’s first performance synthesizer, we preserve the component placement and through-hole design of the original analog circuit boards, employing military-spec precision resistors and custom-reissued transistors to complete the circuit."

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With the "new" Minimoog Model D, no changes have been made to the sound engine or audio signal path, but there are improvements to the instrument’s sonic capabilities. A premium Fatar keybed with velocity and after pressure available via top panel CV jacks, a dedicated analog LFO with triangle and square waveshapes, CV outputs for pitch, gate, velocity and after pressure, basic MIDI integration, and a mixer overload modification, have all been added.

The Minimoog Model D is now available for order through authorized Moog dealers world-wide. 

To learn more about the Minimoog, watch the documentary below.

[photo via Wikimedia Commons]

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