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Hailing from Ecuador, Nicola Cruz is a producer and DJ who is gaining momentum within the underground community due to his unique approach, fusing low slung, driving rhythms with a subtle tribal motif. 

"Based on a minimal use of resources, his music is percussion oriented but profoundly melodic as he employs a skillful mix of acoustic and ambient recording, sampling and synthesizing."

He's getting ready to embark on a short but highly anticipated North American tour, making stops in NYC and Miami, both for Bespoke, along with gigs in Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. In order to help us get ready for the upcoming events, Bespoke has shared one of Nicola's recent tracks off his album Prender el Alma, as a free download. The deep and melodic 'La Cosecha'.

Miami: Bespoke Musik pres. Nicola Cruz
NYC: Bespoke Musik Pres. Nicola Cruz & Baez Yacht Cruise

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Listen to 'La Cosecha' and grab the free download. View all tour dates for Nicola Cruz below.


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