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Nigerian DJ Breaks Record For Longest DJ Set Ever, No Sleep For 10 Days

A remarkable accomplishment by one of Nigeria's best DJs
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When DJ EZ recently wrapped up his DJ set that lasted 24 hrs, we were all amazed at the skill he put forth to be able to cohesively mix for such a long period of time. Now a DJ in Nigeria has blown that feat out of the water by performing a DJ set for 10 days straight, staying awake the entire time. 

DJ Obi, who is part of the Nigerian hip-hop crew at Syndik8 Records, began DJing in a Lagos cafe on June 22 and finished his set, that lasted for 229-hours, on July 2. Staying awake for such a long time is truly remarkable, so how did he do it? Was there a special technique involved? Of course there was. 

Speaking with BBC News, Obi said that sleep deprivation was a constant issue. In order for him to remain focused, he said he would take two-second disco naps while standing because he was not allowed to lay down and truly sleep or else he wouldn't qualify for the world record. 

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Once he reached the halfway point at around four or five days, Obi said he could have easily given up. He began to hallucinate and was not able to control his body like he usually could. This made him think about giving up, but he would think about his father, who passed away, in order to push himself to accomplish his goal. 

The Guiness Book of World Records is still reviewing the outstanding performance to see if it broke the current world record of 200 hours, which was performed by a Polish DJ named Norbert Selmaj. 

Watch footage of DJ Obi's performance below.

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