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The first ever release on Diversions Music comes in the form of a three track EP by label co-founders OXIA and Nicolas Masseyeff, and includes the standout groove, 'Take It Back'.

With a friendship spanning over 15 years, it seems only fitting that these artists join forces to deliver a new label with their shared vision. The Frenchmen have been true veterans of the scene, with over 40 combined years of experience between them, and are using their shared knowledge to showcase the best that dance music has to offer. The first release on the label, titled the Connivence EP, gets us ready for what is sure to be a groundbreaking catalogue of releases.

Nicolas Masseyeff (photo by Pep Karsten)

Nicolas Masseyeff (photo by Pep Karsten)

"For the first release of the label, we wanted the tracks to represent the label’s spirit, by their diversity, with one being melodic and emotional while the other two are more groovy and tecky as ‘Take It Back'… This track went through a few steps, it was really more deep at the beginning and finally, after the studio sessions, we decided to make it a bit more powerful…”

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The Connivence EP is set to be released July 8th via Diversions Music. Listen to 'Take It Back' below.

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