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Apple Inc. is a company that patents numerous ideas, but when news first surfaced regarding a patented technology that could block iPhone cameras from taking pictures, it's safe to say there was public outrage. 

Now a Care2 petition has been launched with the main goal of restricting this new technology from being implemented.

"Imagine: you're walking down the street when you see police officers slamming a woman to the ground. They're exhibiting a shocking use of force -- one officers pushes her face into the ground. Another sticks his knee into her back. You become worried. You pull out your phone to record the incident -- only to have your camera mysteriously shut off." 

It's true that the newly patented technology from Apple could lead to serious problems like this. When we first published the news, many were angry that they might not be able to take photos or videos at concerts, but as the petition points out, there are serious ramifications that could come into play.

"The release of this technology would have huge implications, including the censoring of political dissidents, activists, and citizens who are recording police brutality."

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The way the technology works is based around the way a camera receives light from it's surroundings. Right now, cameras are only able to pick up visible light, but the new patent would create a camera with more connections in order to receive data from the infrared light spectrum, which is invisible to our eyes. This means that all someone would need to do is emit the infrared light to shut off the iPhone's camera. 

Before we start getting angry with Apple for developing this technology, 9to5 Mac makes a valid point. "The tech is based on infrared data, a practical means of transmission in indoor environments equipped with powerful emitters – like a concert venue – but far less practical in the open air with portable infrared lamps."

Also, Apple has had a strong stance with regards to standing up to law enforcement, so it's unlikely the company would implement any new technology that could restrict people from capturing these moments that need to be captured.

Nevertheless, it's a scary thought that this technology exists and signing the petition would help halt it from being applied to the iPhone. Click the link below to join the cause.

Sing the petition here

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