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Police Uncover €2 Million Stashed at Amnesia Ibiza, Searching For Hidden Compartments

Police use pick axes "to find hiding places in the offices of Amnesia"
Photo via: Vicent Marí / Diario De Ibiza

Photo via: Vicent Marí / Diario De Ibiza

For two days authorities have been searching Amnesia Ibiza and, according to local newspaper Diario de Ibiza, have recently uncovered €2 million hidden inside.

Yesterday The Guardia Civil raided the venue, arrested four people, including the owner, and spent 17 hours inside the club. Today the police returned, but this time they were armed with tools in order to locate secret compartments. The Diario has now reported that the tools included "pick axes and other tools to find hiding places in the offices of Amnesia," along with a money counting machine.

An official statement regarding the situation has yet to be made, but it has been confirmed that the investigation is a joint effort between the Ibiza Tax Agency and the Organized Crime and Anti-Drug Team. Sources close to the investigation revealed that the authorities found at least two million euros today and are continuing their search of the property.

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The investigation was sparked due to a complaint filed by the state, which detected that there may be discrepancies in Amnesia's tax payments. For the past two days authorities have been seizing assets from the suspects' homes and various banks in Ibiza where authorities are going through security boxes as well as looking into the suspects' bank accounts. The club owner's boat has also been a sight of investigation. 

Tonight the techno event HYTE is planning to throw down, and as the authorities left just in time for Together to take place last night, it looks like HYTE will be happening, despite the ongoing investigation.

[via: RA]

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