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Popular Detroit Nightclub to Close Permanently

Detroit nightclub Populux has been shut down indefinitely
Populux, photo cred: Natasha Mason

Populux just months after it's opening in the spring of 2015. Photo Cred: Natasha Mason

After fifteen short months of operation, Detroit nightclub Populux has been permanently shut down.

This official closure was announced less than two weeks after insensitive tweets in reference to the Black Lives Matter movement had been made using the club’s official Twitter account.

The incident exploded into a full-fledged media circus overnight, ultimately resulting in artists canceling performances and publicly speaking out against the club’s hate-filled tweets.

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With the Populux closing, The Magic Stick, a much loved alternative and rock club, will be reopening their doors. While the space will remain closed through September, it will - according to the Detroit Free Press - be opening with a newly renovated décor to match the acts they will be booking.

In truth, Populux’s closing has not come as a surprise for many Detroit-based fans and music lovers. Since it’s opening just over a year ago, the club was mired in controversy. Detroit artist and promoter Adriel Thornton shared his insight with the Press, explaining:

“My perception, based on what people were saying and posts I was reading, is that people were skeptical about its authenticity and its programming. There were concerns about it being another club opening up in the city when we have a lot of independent promoters and event producers very interested in maintaining the integrity of our scene.”

While news of the club’s closing may be bittersweet for some, the general consensus is that it was for the best - partly out of desire to see social justice served, but more so in celebration of the return of the beloved Magic Stick.

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