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Becky, Pete and Yoni are Deuce & Charger. A former electro band (Heads We Dance) who met in Leeds, the dream team are now enjoying renewed success with a smattering of drum and bass soaked swelters.

‘Equilibrium’ is the dastardly B side to their new release, Who Can You Trust?, and is as thematic as they come! A touch of Transylvania lurks in the intro before the 'voice of control' drags you by the hair - deep into the sinister pits of dancefloor devastation. 

"We love John Carpenter's early soundtrack work and are massive fans of 70s and 80s sci-fi soundtracks like Bladerunner. With Equilibrium, we wanted to bring that paranoid, future dystopian atmosphere and synth work to D&B. The vocal on there is not a sample but is actually Becky doing her best impression of a George Orwell Big Brother-esque state broadcast!".

Dystopian DnB -all hail the new sub-genre (and check out Becky nailing that creepy voice job)...

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‘Who Can You Trust?’ / ‘Equilibrium’ is released via In Charge Recordings on 22 July, purchase here.

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