GAWVI is a proven name in the hip hop world, but today we have something a little different from this renowned artist. Magnetic Magazine is proud to premiere the dance-infused tune "Late Nights" by GAWVI, releasing on Reach Records.

This track marks a distinct artistic transition to a redefined sound for GAWVI. He is moving away from his Grammy-nominated past to something new. In a sense, this song perfectly parallels the artistic redirection GAWVI seeks to make. It starts with a distinct hip hop intro but markedly transitions to a move your body and get after it 2-step chord build-up. 

Press play and let GAWVI's talent take you to a place of meaning and positive vibes. Be sure to snag his next EP "Lost in Hue", available digitally on July 29 via Reach Records.

The premiere doesn't stop there though; NOT BY A LONG SHOT. Check out this brief interview with the up-and-coming man, the myth, the GAWVI himself.

How are things going in 2016 for GAWVI?

Things are going amazing! Just became a signed artist under Reach Records, releasing 2 EP's this fall, and truly enjoying my family.

Your debut solo album is about to be released. Is the world ready?

Yea the world is definitely ready for some GAWVI music! I'm excited about these 2 EP's I'm about to drop; they are a great introduction to my debut album in 2017.

I understand you want to shake some things up with your new sound. How do you think your new sound will be received? What do you hope people take away from it?

I want to shift culture with music that has meaning and positive vibes. The music I'll be putting out has a very worldwide sound and I know people are going to enjoy it.

More precisely, how is it a redefining new approach to pop/dance music?

I have a huge desire to connect cultures all around the world and I believe music is catalyst for that. I want to make sure sonically I am being influenced by the different cultures and sounds of this world.

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