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Time for a trip, a very heady trip. Get in your car and drive about three and a half hours north of San Francisco and you'll find yourself in the city of Belden. Aside from the majesty of the California mountainside and the beauty of nature, if you time your trip in July, you might find yourself smack dab in the middle of the Sunset Campout.

The latest premiere we have the illustrious pleasure of sharing with you is from the renowned Shiny Objects. This pulsing track draws heavily on Shiny Objects' many trips to the Sunset Campout. "Belden Lights"  blends classic rave breaks, personal experience, and top notch production talent to dive deep to touch upon the psychedelic essence of this special gathering.

This deep house tune is anything but light. It grabs the imagination and immerses you deep in that wonderful forest where golden lasers sparkle on trees and alien atmospherics abound.

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Like I said before, it's time for a trip. Press play and tune in to "Belden Lights" by Shiny Objects releasing on SmokenMirrors on July 15.

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