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Should Rich Homie Quan Be Banned From Hip Hop? This Petition Seems To Think So

Messing up Biggie Lyrics is serious business.
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When you think of Hip Hop, who jumps out to you? I know for me it’s Biggie. Why, because he helped change Hip Hop as we know it. He is an influence for generations and was one of the first superstars of the rap world. He is a legend and will forever go down as one of the greats. You would think that any rapper coming up would always show their respects to BIG. Even if they didn’t like him as a rapper, they could acknowledge what he did and the influence he had.

Unfortunately, we all recently witnessed someone who fucked up royally. Rich Homie Quan had the opportunity to perform at the VHI hip hop honors and spit some biggie verses. He may have been nervous, or legitimately didn’t know the words, but he forgot the words on stage in front of everyone. He did apologize days after it happened but we all know, the internet never forgets. Someone out there has taken it upon him or herself to start a petition that would ban RHQ from hip hop.

This petition reads:

"On behalf of every B.I.G. fan across the world, I declare rapper Rich Homie Quan banned from Hip-Hop until he releases a video of him correctly reciting every Biggie line in Juicy and Get Money. We will not purchase his music or acknowledge any of his excuses for disrespecting Frank White at VH1's #HipHopHonors 2016."

So far there have been just over a thousand signatures and looks to only be growing. This act may be a little extreme however, you cannot disrespect the former king of New York. Stay posted for more updates.

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