Skrillex and Kill The Noise Discuss Getter's Feud with Cymatics: "samples dont mean shit"

"None of us are 100% creating every single sound in our work from scratch."
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For the past few weeks Getter and Cymatics have been dishing out accusations of theft when it comes to producing electronic music. Now Skrillex and Kill The Noise have joined the conversation in order to clarify what really matters when discussing how a producer creates their original material.

Cymatics, a company that releases sample and preset packs that allow producers to recreate music similar to their favorite artists, released a project file that accurately recreates one of Getter's tracks. What was interesting is that people seemed to think that Getter copied Cymatics' sample pack, but it was the other way around. 

Then Cymatics accused Getter of copying a track by a producer named Parkinson White, but that effort to defame him was thwarted when Getter responded saying he and Parkinson White had been in communication throughout the track's creation and release.

After all the facts have been brought to light, Cymatics seems to be on the wrong side of the argument as more producers are speaking out against the company for the way they are handling the situation. 

Kill The Noise posted a lengthy letter to Facebook which discusses multiple aspects of producing electronic music in order to clarify the misconceptions. On the topic of using samples, KTN says it's always been a big part of the production process:

"None of us are 100% creating every single sound in our work from scratch. The sounds in the end are the colors we use to paint our picture."

Samples are extremely common in today's electronic music industry and many companies, like Cymatics, make it easier than ever for a producer to create a quality track. KTN also points out that producers draw on inspiration from multiple sources, including the work of their peers:

"We are all inspired by each others work, and of course everyone has to start somewhere to learn!…I have spent so much time trying to understand how certain artists came up with their sound…in the process you discover your own!"

KTN makes many valuable points in his argument, and he definitely doesn't knock the sample industry or company's like Cymatics who supply producers with quality samples. He just feels there needs to be cooperation between producers and company's like Cymatics to ensure they have permission to distribute samples that directly "copy" sounds. Cymatics didn't work with Getter to release the sample pack, and that's a big problem.

Skrillex then responded on Twitter, saying he doesn't really care if anyone samples his sounds or gives the samples away for free via a sample pack. He takes it as a compliment and hopes it inspires more producers to step up and make more quality music. Read his tweets below:

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