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Studio Apartment Living: How To Make Your Space Dope

How to live in a small studio apartment with style and on a budget
One Spatia is all you need. Wireless Speaker by Moshi

One Spatia is all you need. Wireless Speaker by Moshi

A studio apartment is usually the first space that many young professionals or "almost" professionals call their own. You've finally flown the roommate chicken coop, and you are all alone in your new nest with, well, no walls. How do you make that dope?

Good thing for you is that small is the new big. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco are all extremely expensive and crowded. Hell your even lucky if you can afford a studio in one of these cities at all, so don't pout too much.

Back to making your studio smooth as eggs, let's start with the sound and work our way up. 

Sonos Play: 1 is surprisingly loud for it's size

Sonos Play: 1 is surprisingly loud for it's size

Chances are you can't get all that loud as you will have neighbors on just about every side of you that will not appreciate your dubstep sessions as much as you do. Two ways to deal with this, one way is to get headphones and mount them on your wall next to your bed all stylish like (have two pairs mounted on each side of the bed if you are an entertainer) or the second get a small wireless speaker like the Sonos Play:1 or Moshi Spatia that will fill the room nicely, but not get you nasty sticky notes on your door.

Modern Bed Frame with drawers underneath

Modern Bed Frame with drawers underneath

The next thing you will want to do is keep things off the floor and try to maximize storage space. You can do this in a variety of ways that will look stylish and keep your small pad looking a little bigger. 

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- Get a bed that is minimal and has drawers underneath to double as your dresser. 

- Get cool shelve and wall storage units; there are lots of tricky pieces of furniture that serve multiple functions, i.e., desk/shelving combos. 

- Keep your stuff to a minimum, books... nope, use a Kindle or iPad. CDs, seriously, not even going there and vinyl as dope as it is, not happening. 

If you are on a budget like many of us are then you can check out sites like for just about everything from furniture to kitchen stuff. You just have to dig a little, and you can keep in your budget.

last but not least, use lighting creatively to create some vibes, we love the Avea Flare, it can double as an alarm clock to wake your hungover ass up with the sound of birds and delicate LED sunlight.

Good luck, send us some pictures of your new crib once you get it set up, we'll brag about you on our Instagram account.

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