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Sven Väth Responds After Being Caught Watching Soccer During His Festival Performance

He's now going to give updates and will even stream the match so the crowd can watch too

There are not many artists that can get away with a stunt like this, but Sven Väth is an absolute legend and can do no wrong. After being caught watching a soccer game during his set at Awakenings festival last weekend, Sven Väth has issued a response after the photos went viral.

Pictures showed the German DJ mixing a vinyl set at Awakenings, but propped up on the mixer was the DJ's phone, streaming the Germany vs. Slovakia match for the 2016 Euro Cup. A Facebook user by the name of Mr. After Party uploaded the photos and stirred up some controversy with many saying that it was wrong for Väth to not give his full attention to the DJ set, while others praised him for having the skill to multitask. Mixing vinyl is extremely difficult, whether watching a soccer match or not. 

Yesterday Väth posted a bold response to Facebook which read:

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"This Saturday I am playing at Love Family Park and during my set, you will be able to see the scores of the Germany-Italy game on the screens for the first half. After 22:00, we will watch the rest of the game together :-)"

He's a true die-hard fan, and playing a gig won't stop him from watching his team. It might be wrong to have his phone propped up on the mixer, but as long as he lays down a quality DJ set, it won't stop us from dancing.

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