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At the beginning of this Summer, an Australian by the name of Swick released his newest Stamina EP on Nina Las Vegas' NLV Records. Swick is far from an unknown character, but rather a leader from down under on a mission to bring his innovative style of Aussie bass & club music the world over.

Stamina is in now way a conventional,  run-of-the-mill release. Rather it is a highly collaborative affair enlisting established maestro Spank Rock, Eden XO and more on a roster that commands respect. Swick is an artist that plays well with others, but his musical stylings are forward-thinking and with some of the highest, most pristine production value out there in club music today. With a blend of solid companionship in the studio, and an excellent standard for what makes good music, Swick shines on Stamina.

When it just so happened that Swick wanted to offer some insight into his latest EP and other goings-on, Magnetic Magazine had to seize the opportunity to pick his talented brain in this exclusive interview.

So, Swick, how are things going with your latest "Stamina" release?

Great. I’m really happy with how the EP ended up sounding and how everything looks.

Your brand of high energy club & dance music is always distinct from the pack in a great way. How would you sum up the Swick sound and style in one sentence?

Different, Crazy, Fun, Cool!

How was the collaboration process on “Stamina?”

“Sideline” - I wrote the instrumental at home one night really late when all my friends had left my place after we played FIFA all night. Then I linked with Eden xo when I was in LA last year and we recorded the vocal, I then finished the track back at home.

“Ticketz” - I started together with Spank Rock at my studio in Melbourne. I met him at HARD Festival in LA last year and then he stayed at my place when he was touring Australia for like a week so we could work on stuff. Most of the time we just hung out and chatted about how much we both loved Prince lol. But yeah “Ticketz” was really fun to work on I started the beat with Naeem and I love what he did over it and how it’ so different. I really really love how it turned out. We started some other stuff together too!

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“Energy” - I wrote with Henrik The Artist. He is a cool producer from Norway. We actually started the track together in London when I was there late last year. It was really fun we had skittles, OREOs & soft drink. Nina Las Vegas was with us and she fell asleep on the tiniest couch ever during the whole session lol. We made most of the track that night and then I finished it back at home in Melbourne.

“All The Way” - I made this instrumental one day at home. Then when I was in Sydney I went to see play at Oxford Art Factory with my friend Linda. Marcus Whale is the singer and I thought he was so sick, he sounded mad. So I hit him up, we grabbed a coffee and then I sent him some stuff and it turned out great, I played around with it all and mixed it at home!

What are a few definitive Swick tracks?

Swick - "Pasta"

Diplo & Swick - "Keep It Gully"

Swick & Lewis CC - "Wishes (ft. Tkay Maidza)"

Swick - "Full Court"

I feel like they represent me well and all helped to create my sound...

What else do you have lined up this year as far as releases and performances?

I’m doing a tour around Australia this month for the “Stamina EP”; then I’m going to head over to America for a bit! I’m hoping to put out another EP this year too!

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