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TC Describes The Vision Behind His New Album: "The wolves that needed to be unleashed"

TC talks us through his new material, nine years after the release of his debut album he's back with a groundbreaking release

British Drum & Bass producer TC, aka Tommy Boy, is back with a smoking fresh album titled Unleash the Wolves released via 3Beat Records. Perfectly balancing commercial and underground motifs, this legendary artist describes his new album as being tailor-made for taking dancefloors apart. Featuring fellow producer Metrik, Bristol buddy MC Jakes and vocalists Fats, Armanni Reign and Stylo G, this collection of bangers is meant to turn you into a wild dancing wolf, and it definitely succeeds.

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Quoted as being his heart and soul wrapped up in 11 tunes, here is, well, his heart and soul described in his own words. And as it's absolutely necessary to listen to the music, get them eardrums vibrating here!

TC - 'Start a Riot'

'Start A Riot' is a statement of intent for the rest of the album. Every DJ’s secret dream is to rock up at a big stage and start a riot. No matter who you are, you want to see the crowd going crazy.

TC - 'Have You'

Started as a trap tune and kind of organically grew into this melodic D&B tune all about addiction. It’s quite a personal track, but I wanted it to still retain some beef for the clubs.

TC - 'Next Hype' (feat. Jakes)

This has been around on the dubplate circuit for a while, Andy C, Hype, Wilkinson and loads of others were playing it for ages. In keeping with the ethos of the album this is one of the wolves that I felt needed to be unleashed.

TC - 'Storm Brew' (feat. Stylo G)

I feel really blessed to work with Stylo G on this tune. It’s always been a moment in my sets when I play it out. It’s the only non-conventional D&B tune on the album.

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TC - 'Rep' (feat. Jakes)


TC - 'April Fools'

Another dubplate wolf. This has been smashing it in my sets for two years!

TC - 'Quick Jungle' (feat. Fats)

This was getting played by Randall, Fabio, Bryan G, Marky. It’s a nod to some of the pioneers I’ve always looked up to.

TC - 'Unleash the Wolves' (feat. Armanni Reign)

Title track of the album. It’s the least popular, but it’s a personal favourite. Sometimes some of my tunes are growers and I think this one might grow on a few people.

TC & Metrik - 'The Light'

It’s such an honour to work with a talented guy like Metrik. I get excited whenever he sends me a new tune, so it was great to make one with him for my album.

TC - 'Five Eyes'

Man’s been watching too much YouTube, blud! Serious conspiracy vibes.

TC - 'Hold On'

This is the most personal track on the album and it’s about the physical experience of being an artist. That feeling of being away and wanting to come back home. But it’s also about rounding off the album and coming back to something that I really feel. 

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