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Testimonies Emerge From The DVBBS Scandal: "They used, fooled, and ambushed us”

An eyewitness claims that DVBBS manager had blocked the door to their dressing room.
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Reports Say 6 Girls Were Found in DVBBS' Dressing Room, 3 Unconscious, Statement Released

Two Girls Found Unconscious in DVBBS' Dressing Room, Arrests Made

After Canadian duo DVBBS’ performance at the music festival Balaton Sound in Sziget, Hungary on Sunday, reports have emerged suggesting that as many as three girls were found unconscious in their dressing room. As Hungarian authorities continue to investigate what transpired after detaining them and subjecting them to a rapid drug screening, additional witnesses have issued especially damning public statements.

The first eyewitness that came forward after news of the incident reached the masses told Hungarian publication Bors that two girls had been brought up onstage with the duo from the front row before then joining them in the dressing room backstage. An intermediary speaking on behalf of one of the girls who entered DVVBS’ dressing room has now spoken out as well, saying, “Everyone knows that girls go into the dressing rooms to sleep with the stars, but they are not like that.”

The girl maintained that she and whomever else she was with simply wanted to take photos with the duo and get their autographs - and because there were so many of them in there at a time, they did not feel at risk. She said that the DJ brothers had been kind to her, “but then we drank something and that image was shattered.”

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The intermediary went on to say that the girl felt ashamed and at fault because she had heard a hundred times that she should be careful not to get into trouble at parties. "They used, fooled, and ambushed us and we can not find the words to explain what happened," they said.

The Somogy County Police Department has proceeded with an investigation regarding drug abuse charges stemming from the incident after a medical examination of the girls said that rape had not occurred. However, another eyewitness who spoke to the Hungarian outlet Index suggested that some form of foul play had still occurred.

The witness recalled that two girls had come out of DVBBS’ dressing room “visibly ill but still themselves.” They were given water and released after they started feeling better.

A third girl came out, but then returned to bring her friend who was still in the room out with her - at which point the DJs’ manager blocked the door and would not let her back in. A fourth came out “crying, afraid, and not knowing where she was,” and then ran to the bathroom to continue crying.

One of the girls reportedly made a scene when she approached the witness to be let into the dressing room, but they were not allowed. During this time, they claim that DVBBS ran out to their vehicle and left, and that the last girl was found unconscious in the room.

While Balaton Sound organizers have disclosed that there are no cameras in artist green rooms and photography is generally not allowed, the Somogy County Police are still drawing from evidence to investigate the allegations. As additional anonymous sources reach out to members of the media, it’s likely that a clearer picture of what took place in DVBBS’ dressing room at Balaton Sound will present itself.

The festival has released a statement in the wake of the scandal.

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