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The Art of Vinyl Record Design

The limits are (almost) endless when it comes to Gotta Groove Records
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As the Vinyl resurgence continues to sweep the music industry, pressing plants are becoming more creative with vinyl record design. One company leading the charge is Gotta Groove Records, a Cleveland-based record press that's pushing the limits of what can be done with the medium.

One customer asked if they could press coffee grounds into their release, and since no task is too ambitious for Gotta Groove Records, they obliged. "We were cleaning coffee out of our factory for two weeks after," says the company's VP of Sales and Marketing, Matt Earley.

The company, which opened in 2009, has quickly become known for carrying out strange requests. They've embedded records with glitter, leaves, pages from a 200-year-old book, and shredded cash, as Pitchfork reported. That being said, there are some things they just won't do. As Early points out, "we had to draw the line somewhere; we don't do blood."

The experimental nature of Gotta Groove Records is what draws customers to the company, but it's also the people behind the scenes that truly makes the operation special.

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"Nobody in our company worked in vinyl manufacturing prior to this—everyone has learned it here," Earley says. "We actually employ a lot of musicians, which makes us unique compared to our competitors. Because they're musicians themselves, they want to put something out that would make them as proud as if it was their own record."

View a selection of vinyl pressed at Gotta Groove Records via the gallery above and to learn more about the company, check out this short documentary.

[all photos via Gotta Groove Records]
[H/T: Co.Design]

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