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The Greatest Mixtape You've Probably Never Heard: DJ Revise "Silence Fiction"

Canada's DJ Revise's iconic mix of dowtempo breaks, Hip Hop and Chillout
DJ Revise Silence Fiction

DJ Revise "Silence Fiction"

In 2005 when I was doing BPM Magazine we used to have a DJ mix competition called Next On The Decks that would get hundreds of submissions every round, some good and some not so much.

We got mixes of just about everything from blaring anthemic Trance to commercial House to Drum and Bass to breaks. 

Rarely was there a mix that we could just pick up and look at the track list or artwork and just know it would be stellar. 

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DJ Revise was one of those gems, just a pure masterpiece of mixing across genres and building a beat heavy vibe that just keeps you coming back over and over. How many mixtapes do you have that you listen to over and over? Probably not many. 

Needless to say DJ Revise one was one of our top contenders, I'm not sure if he won but damn it he should have if he didn't. It's been too long for me to remember (maybe one day I'll dig through my BPM archives to find out).

In the meantime, sit back and listen to how incredible this mix is. 

With tracks by Massive Attack, Wagon Christ, Aphex Twin, Plaid, RJD2, Simon and Garfunkel, Ennio Morricone, etc. it's going to take you somewhere special, I promise.

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