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How Gucci Mane Finished His Album "Everybody Looking" In 6 Days

Fresh out of prison, Gucci Mane got to work

Gucci Mane might be the most talked about rap story to surface recently. Being freshly released from jail following a 3 year sentence, Gucci is back and better than ever. He’s lost some weight, improved his vocabulary and seems to be genuinely happy about life. So happy that the man recorded his newest album Everybody Looking in just 6 days. 

You may ask how this is possible when people like Frank Ocean and Jay Electronica can’t even make an album in 3 years. Well for one, he had 3 years of free time, I imagine he wrote books and books of potential lyrics and songs while he was locked up. Also, he seized an opportunity not many rappers have. He surrounded himself with some of the best in the game. As seen on Instagram and Snapchat, he’s been seen with Kanye, Drake, Mike Will, Zaytoven and Young Thug. An all-star team of producers and rappers all with the shared goal of being the best in the industry. 

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When Gucci was released from prison, I would imagine that his creative juices were just flowing with ideas he needed to lay on a track. That’s how someone who is an expert at making a lot of music, can produce a project in less than a week.

Speaking with FaderMike WiLL described what it was like working with Gucci: "Gucci’s a machine man. That man's a machine. He's a great. I don't know how Tupac worked, I don't know how Biggie worked. I wasn't able to be there to witness it. But I'm here to witness Gucci Mane and he's making history. People have an idea but they don't really know. He's super smart, he's super ill, he want to see the next person win. He was able to see me at a young age and always fuck with me. And same thing with a lot of people coming up. He love that music and he's talented with that shit. I'm just happy to play my part, because dude's one of a kind."

Everybody Looking drops on 7/22 and is currently available for pre-order here. To get the full story on how this album came to be including, interviews with Gucci, Mike Will and Zay, head on over to Fader for the exclusive interview.

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