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These Innovative Headphones Learn and Adapt to Your Unique Hearing

Will these headphones revolutionize the way the world listens to music?

When a Kickstarter campaign has received over 15 times its initial goal ($1.5 million when they asked for $100K) with more than two days left, you know there is something special in the works. Human beings all hear sound differently. With that notion in mind, we know that we naturally experience music differently. But what if we wanted to hear every note the way the musician intended the music to be? Enter Nura, the world's first headphones to truly address the question, "how to craft the perfect headphones for you as an individual?"


Nura are in-ear headphones with an over-ear design that automatically tune to your unique hearing profile in 30 seconds. Nura is self learning. The first time you put Nura on, it plays a range of tones that trigger reactions which allow the headphones to analyze and create your personal sound profile. The headphones can also create and store multiple profiles, but when you put the headphones on they will automatically recognize you. 

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The headphones also serve as noise isolation devices, blocking out external noise while also self-containing your own music so as to not bother others around you. These headphones could change the audio game, and there is still over two days left in the Kickstarter campaign! 

For more information, or to back the project click the link below. 

Nura: Kickstarter

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