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For most of us, the VIP area is a distant oasis filled with glamour and exclusivity, but a venue on the outskirts of New York City has developed an interesting concept that supplies the normal crowd with their own VIP experience. The catch? You need to travel through a porta potty to get there. 

Porty Potties, not at Forest Hills Stadium (photo by David Shankbone)

Porty Potties, not at Forest Hills Stadium (photo by David Shankbone)

Forest Hills Stadium in Forest Hills, NY, hosts some of the biggest names in the music industry. From Disclosure to Bob Dylan, it's a venue that is simply ideal for a concert of any genre. There's plenty of concessions, whether that be food, alcohol, or the one thing all outdoor venues need, porta potties. And as the New York Post points out, one of these porta potties holds a secret, a VIP area that can only be opened by a specific 9-volt battery. Once you get in “you’ll enter a rock ’n’ roll Narnia filled with sofas, a prime view of the show and a plentiful supply of free booze.”

President of Madison House Presents, Mike Luba, told The Post, “We thought it’d be funny if people standing in line for the [real] porta-potties suddenly saw 20 people come out of one, like a clown car.” A security guard for the venue added that people who know about the room also have trouble locating it: “Half the time, people trying to find the room open the door to a potty and just find somebody taking a leak.”

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Although this may sound a bit far-fetched, it's interesting to note that this is not the only secret room at Forest Hills Stadium. The Racoon Room, which was named after an incident involving a family of racoons living inside, also exists in the venue and has an open bar, but you will need a password to get into that one. There's also the Sign Room, which also requires a password, named after a U.S. Open sign painter who worked and may have even lived in the room. “We’re pretty sure he was living or at least sleeping in [it],” Luba said to the post. “When we found this place, there was a cot in it.” Luba also revealed that some artists use this room for their afterparties.

Check out photos of the secret rooms here.

[photo by Jim Henderson]
[H/T: Brooklyn Vegan]

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