A man of many talents, Till Von Sein is an artist who steadily supplies the scene with quality music that will rouse any dancefloor. 

Whether running his own booking agency or touring the world with his signature sound, Till Von Sein's extensive knowledge of dance music culture and the industry have allowed him to become a leading trendsetter in the underground and beyond. His latest offering comes in the form of a three track EP titled Blacker Than Ever, which includes the standout groove 'U n U' that we have the pleasure of premiering for you today.

"Last summer I spent some time in NYC during a 4 week US tour and was listening to some old 70ies Funk Classics everyday while exploring the City," says Till Von Sein when describing what inspired the new track. "I really wanted to translate this intense and typical New York summer feeling into a summer soundtrack. I had this one track l sampled on repeat for a while so it was obvious I had to use it. It perfectly represents the vibes the city gave me that week.”

Listen to 'U n U'  below and look for the Blacker Than Ever EP to be released on July 22 via Suol.

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