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Top 10 Drum and Bass Chart with Nu:Tone [Flashback Friday Special]


Very special guest for you this week lads and ladettes - Dan the man or Nu:Tone as he is known in some circles, is taking us on a journey! Buckle up... we're mashing the past and the present together for you in one big fat audio sandwich! You may remember Nu:Tone from such ridiculously beautiful tunes as ''Til Dawn' and 'Tides' or the brotherly DnB duo, Nu:Logic. I defer to his Yoda-esque top picks from the past with awe...and then ruin them by tossing my 2 cents in. 

Flashback Friday on!

Nu:Tone goes B2B with Logistics in the depths of the SOUL IN MOTION MEETS MED SCHOOL tent at Hospitality in the Park - September 24th.

Throwback to the last chart...

Nu Tone: 5 classic tracks that are back in my box - well, actually, most of them have never left...

 "Chinese Silk (Calibre Remix)" - Uncut ('04)

Calibre weaving his magic as per usual, with an amazing vocal from Jenna G thrown in for good measure!

"Crooklyn" - Alix Perez ('08)

NT: Featuring a classic sample that will be familiar to fans of 90’s HipHop, this is soulful d&b at its very finest. 

"Global Love (Calibre Remix)" - High Contrast  ('02)

NT: This is a side to Calibre that I’ll never grow tired of. Nobody quite knows how to roll out bubbly baseline steppers like he does.

"Let It Happen" - Break ('07)

NT: Another minimal roller that never grows old. A perfect example of the genre!

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"PBX" - Jonny L  ( '98)

NT: Someone whose tunes really haven’t dated in the way a lot of late 90’s d&b has. The master of combining intricacy with repetition. A much-needed masterclass for the modern ADHDJ.

Magnetic: 5 current tracks that only just reached my box! Wait...that sounds unfortunate...

"Getaway (ft. Angel Taylor) (Koven Remix)" - Tritonal [Enhanced Music]

Magnetic: Koven can always be counted on to smash out a friggin' beautiful mix and this is no exception. In the most delicate of terms, this shits on the original. 

"Hold On A Little While" - Technimatic ft. Jono McCleery [Shogun Audio]

M: If you want to get deep, conceptually, Technimatic's new album is driven by the idea of taking "the opportunity to be someone else, somewhere else, for a while." Although I bet they won't mind being themselves when it drops on Friday - praise and anticipation already lathering up!

"Colour The Past" - Krakota ft. Karina Ramage [Hospital Records]

M: Got a sneaky little chinwag in the works with this lad soon so keep a look out of that! New album forthcoming and this little number is busy surfing that sweet spot between fast and slow tempos. 

"Minimal Funk" - Jam Thieves [On The Rise]

M: Oh I am a big fan of this. Funk and sub, it what you want just KEEP playing the damn thing!

"Outsider" - Bensley [RAM Records]

M: Twinkly, twinkly, twinkly...give it up for the return of the Canada kid! 

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