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The clear eyed, full hearted Matthew McConaughey said upon accepting his Oscar award that there are three things that he needs each day - something to look up to, something to look forward to and someone to chase. Now Mr. Alright Alright Alright has his own answers to L-I-V-I-N and I am baffled by his wily-eyed wisdom and daily ritual that I strive to be mindful of. The best I can do is say, he’s right and figure out what that means to me. We all hope to have an answer to those three things, they may change on any given day, they may be your foundation that never falters. It’s purpose, it’s intent, it’s direction, it’s desire, it’s conviction, it’s passion.

But I pose to you a fourth thing I think we all need each day that has nothing to do with those - something to stand in awe of. Now this can be big or small and and whether you find it or it finds you, there is no right answer. Look out at the ocean or mountain above or valley below, listen to something sublime with a candle lit, people watch an old couple holding hands being adorbs or a kid laugh at the dumbest things, gaze upon the most bitchin charcuterrie board at a summer concert with loves and loved ones, stare up at the clouds throwing shapes for a few (it’s a shark), anything that gets you grinnin' without trying, relaxes your mind and makes you realize that for every bad thing that happens there are a million beautiful things randomly happening at the same time. It’s not purpose, it’s perspective. We see a manufactured version of this time and place we live, especially lately when the world seems like it’s going to trip us every chance it can and makes us wonder if we’ll ever get our feet back steady on the ground. The unexpected and uncharted is sometimes the most beautiful but we have to open our eyes to it, not afraid of what might round the corner on us next. So let us have eyes on the horizon, ears to the ground, feet on the dancefloor and lips singing along because this life is something to stand proudly in awe of.


 “Do It Right” Rainer + Grimm, Physical Presents

This is the Ryan Gosling of songs, everybody would sleep with it. I’m digging the soulful house combo with a bad intentioned bassline and vocals that will make you chocolate chip pancakes and bacon in the morning. We know Toronto has some strong voices in the music scene and this duo is representing right. The song doesn’t type-cast itself for any particular time or place so whether you’re throwing shapes on the dancefloor, painting your skin tan with that warm summer sun or setting records for how long you can stare into your boo’s eyes/soul, you can do it and you will enjoy it.

“Tearing Me Up (A-Trak Remix)” Bob Moses, Domino Records

My favorite song of 2015 gets spiked with some jet fuel and off we go. The midpoint of this track has major Justice vibes with those orchestral blasts and buzzsaw production. A-Trak maintains that kool as a kinky kaola vibe throughout, balancing the vibey vocals with a high steppin high hat and igniting us with Bowser level fire flames whenever he damn well pleases.

“So Good To See You” RAMBO V

I’d like to nominate this track for Conde Nast Traveler’s Hot List 2016. It’s got the chillest vibe with a real genuine, no frills feel. All the finest amenities, plenty of room to stretch your legs out on and a beautiful soundscape of sunny Southern CA where its architect Rambo V calls home. It’s a free download so feast your ears on this five star rating producer wherever wifi and cell service don’t exist and get in vaca mode.

“Silhouette” Goldroom, Downtown/Interscope Records

The debut album ‘West of West’ from Goldroom is something I am most excited about and luckily we have a new single to hold us over until it’s 9/23 release. Goldroom aka Josh Legg does simple so good, taking one verse as the frame and painting bright and vivid emotions we’ve all felt. He is the grandfather of this sunshine pop house sound and really is miles beyond anyone else in terms of instrumentation and production. His live show continues to grow into something impressive and is a highlight of any fest he graces his feel good sound with.

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