Truth Gets 'Deep, Dark & Dangerous' on New Label Compilation, Listen to 'Militant Sound'

"We're into eerie and creepy sounds, horror movie soundtracks, music that embodies the grimy, detached and disenfranchised nature of urban life."

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As significant members within not only the dubstep scene, but electronic music as a whole, Truth pushes forward with the latest release on their burgeoning label, Deep, Dark & Dangerous.

One of New Zealand’s finest exports in sound design, the duo consisting of Andre Fernandez and Tristan Roake have been carving out new paths for the genre and up and coming artists around the world. We have come to expect a focus on testing the limits with unique and widely appealing releases that shine in musicality, originality, and a staple sound that has become their trademark. With Deep, Dark & Dangerous: Volume 1, the masterminds behind the menacing one eyed glare of the logo, curate a collection of groundbreaking and gripping material from emerging artists, revealing the aura and vision of DDD through carefully selected tracks and distinct taste.


“Having our own label has always been something we've dreamed about, and wanted to do. We are constantly being sent so much amazing underground music, much of which never sees the light of day. We felt it was time to really start exposing this music which deserves to be out.”

From heavy touring in North America, Europe, Australia and of course New Zealand, combined with multiple standout releases of their own on labels like Deep Medi, Firepower and Deep, Dark & Dangerous, the brand began to gain momentum naturally. Spurring excitement at DDD events in cities like San Francisco and recently in Los Angeles, and a radio show where exclusives were becoming the norm, the inevitable advance of the label brought itself to a boiling point. Tediously hand selected, the 12 track release was brought together with the fans in mind.

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“After being sent a lot of great music and testing it out at shows we started to quickly realize which tracks get the best responses, along with which artists are really crushing it right now, and we started to assemble our team. We decided now is the perfect time to release a compilation which reflects the sound we are pushing.

"…there is a sea of dope stuff out there at the moment, so it can be hard to really pick favourites. We spent a LOT of time coming up with this track list. Bear in mind there are 3 of us with varying tastes too, so we'd create folders of music that we're really into and then debate between us which ones we are feeling most. In some cases it was a no-brainer. For example “Nefarious” by Enochi we'd been playing out at our gigs for a few months and assumed it was signed or released. The second we realized it wasn't we just jumped straight on it. In other cases, like DMVU for example, we're huge fans of his sound and have been for a while, so we wanted to include some of his music, while at the same time representing the sound (sounds) we want the label to embody. Quite a number of the tracks were sent to us unsolicited, by producers who had no idea we were selecting for a release at the time.”

Although Truth may have their own specific style and sound, Deep, Dark & Dangerous offers a platform for expansion, but resonates with the roots of their dark and shadowy motif.

“Deep, Dark & Dangerous. That's the underlying ethos of the label, although you could interpret those 3 words in a wide variety of ways. It's no secret we like stuff that is dark and deep. We're into eerie and creepy sounds, horror movie soundtracks, music that embodies the grimy, detached and disenfranchised nature of urban life. We've thrown “Dangerous” into the mix too because sometimes you just have to get a bit crazy with shit. That's the wild card, in some ways it could represent almost anything.... anything dangerous at least.”

This of course is just the beginning of what lies ahead for Deep Dark and Dangerous. The chaos of the changing world around us, including the ongoing changes in the world of music, inspires the guys to maintain focus, and also moved them to work with a label manager they felt understood their vision and their goals. As he explains:

“It can take a number of years to iron out the bumps that can come about in the process of pressing and selling records. Being involved in this for a certain period of time can also give you more a sense of what music fits better on which format, its extremely crucial.

“…between the three of us we can make sure everything is on point, no matter what else is currently going on around us. We've got 3 or 4 other EPs in the pipeline for various artists. We're constantly on the lookout, always on the hunt. There's a lot to announce in the near future… we're digging deep for the right music.”

Deep, Dark & Dangerous: Volume 1 will be released digitally July 15, 2016 through Beatport.

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