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According to a report made by Hungarian publication BORS, two girls were found unconscious in the dressing room of DVBBS following the duo's performance at the Balaton Sound music festival.

An eye-witness has come forward, saying that the two girls were present in the front row during DVBBS' set before they were then asked to go up on stage. The witness also states that after the set, the girls were supposedly asked to go backstage with the duo, where they were later found unconscious by the cleaning crew. An ambulance was then called and rushed to the scene.

Apparently DVBBS had already left the festival and were on their way to Budapest by the time the girls were discovered. According to BORS‘, the police were able to get ahold of DVBBS, but the duo were later released. They had a scheduled performance at Sziget Festival in Hungary, but that gig has since been cancelled.

Soon after learning of the incident, the mother of one of the girls filed a police report in order to possibly launch an investigation into what exactly took place at the festival.

UPDATE 4:06 pm (EST): A report from 444 has indicated that four men, including the duo of DVBBS, were arrested at Ferihegy Airport in Budapest due to drug related charges after the men were found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia. Three of the four men tested positive following a drug test and the fourth man was held as a witness. It is also being reported that the arrests made at airport were made in connection with the incident involving the two unconscious girls, according to the Somogy County Police.

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The festival has released a statement following the scandal.

UPDATE 4:47 pm (EST): DVBBS has responded to the situation with a statement via Hungarian publication Index. Read the translation below:

“We are shocked that some attendees of the Balaton Festival (sic) were victims of events which got them hospitalized. Police asked our cooperation for the investigation and of course we did what we could. Police confirmed there isn’t any link between us and what happened, that’s why we took off a couple of hours later to our next gig in ibiza. There is another case going on independently from this in connection with marijuana and we gladly answer all questions regarding this and help the police to solve the case. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families. Alex and Chris (DVBBS).”

UPDATE 12:45 pm (ET) 7/12/2016: Now it is being reported that as many as 6 girls were found in DVBBS' dressing room. Here is the fully updated story.

Back in 2014, a member of DVBBS was arrested in Atlanta for drug possession, but this was due to being in possession of half a joint of marijuana. This recent situation looks to be much more serious and we are monitoring it closely.

We will have more information on this developing story as it surfaces.

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