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John Williams' iconic music for the Star Wars films has been covered and recreated time and time again, but never before like this. Hacker Pawel Zandrozniak of Poland has produced a new rendition that takes the cake when it comes to recreations. 

Dubbed Floppotron 2.0, the song is recreated with an orchestra of floppy disks and hard drives. 64 Floppy disks and eight hard drives to be exact, with two scanners, eight 8-channel controllers, two 4-channel controllers for HDDs and two single-channel controllers for the scanners. 

Pawel sheds some light into the coding and how it all is done via his blog, here is a snippet:

Host application was written in Python 2.7. I wrote it mostly on some boring lectures when I was still studying at the university, so it’s a one big mess, but… at least it does the job. It parses the simple language used for writing note sequences arranged in tracks tied to a specific controller / channel and merges those parallel tracks into one command list which is transferred over COM port. It can also partially generate "song script” from MIDI file which speeds up the "song porting” process.

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Watch below: 

[H/T: CDM]

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