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Watch: Moby Throws A Temper Tantrum At A Rave In 1992

Moby used to act like a major rock star diva, we love it!
Playskool Flyer - Circa 1990s

Playskool Flyer - Circa 1990s

For any of you that came up in the early Southern California rave scene, you will certainly remember the monster of a party called PlaySkool in San Diego. Todd Zweig, along with guys like Kool-Aid, Gary Richards, Pasquale and many others were throwing some of the first legal parties back in those days, often called "massive."

Moby was more or less a god back in those days, and one of the first true electronic music super stars to emerge from the rave scene. 

Here is a great video that shows him playing his seminal hit "Go" and throwing some very bad vibes to the sound guys that are obviously not up to snuff. 

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If you need more proof that Moby was a balls out electronic music baller, just see the picture below. Ball ---- ER. 

moby with hair

Rockstar hair and a fat gold rope. Hell yes. 

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